The Harvest
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miltonpigeon I have a compulsion to write.
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We are all responsible.

The Harvest

Pardon us for sabotaging the harvest

And hanging the neck of your Babylon in its gardens

But we've developed a ritual that ripens the darkness

You can grab a bottle of holy water to chase the blood

We made the sky starless from snorting all of the dust

The crops are compromised, and I know that you're starving

Hungry for the sacrifice that you have come to love

We puked a plague of locusts in formation of a flood

The nights went by as we consumed many moons

One was the shade of blue, made the sky cry like monsoon

The celestial bodies in our stomachs made us sick

We would watch for your ghost during the hour of a witch

And stretch our guts until they were gluttonous balloons

Forged a festival to celebrate the burning of a bridge

Stars eaten, we stared into the eye of the abyss

Counting the coin-tosses of a two-sided eclipse

But you had a hand in the damage that collected

As we consumed the moons, you doused out the sun

And bled the earth through its underbelly to its guts

You siphoned all the nutrition from its intestines

Locusts flew out of our mouths, drawn to the crops

We vomited the cocoons shed by wings with moon rocks

You were confident that we wouldn't feel the pulse

The clouds were going to rain clouds instead of rain

That's when we decided to burn your bridge at the stake

And subject you to the eternal judgment of the flames

We should have known that the harvest was indigestible

Made certain there would be no reason for a festival

Weathered from misfortune with the mark of the trivial

And the scarred fibers are telling us the feeling's mutual

As we wait our turn for the noose of your gardens

No one to be excused for the ruin of the harvest

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