what happens next?
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My entry for a contest hosted by seryna21

what happens next?

mortality is like water.

calm, flowing, and content.

death is like a dam.

stopping the flow of the water so new growth can populate the area.

it is natural.

as all things are, of course.

but we need not worry about death.

the only thing we need to worry about, truly contemplate, is what happens next.

What happens next?

this is the question all of us have to answer eventually.

will you be a calm lake or cascade down in a waterfall?

whatever you decide to happen next judges this.

i myself am dew.

flitting from place to place,

always circling back to the same yet different clouds,

in the same yet different way.

bouncing on the edge of a waterfall.

life is precarious.


like the rocks at the bottom.

but the sweet rewards,




can all be gained like the spray at the bottom-

if you are careful.

or if not.

life is full of these great risks, and we take them often without knowing.

choices change your life.

choices shape your future.

never worry about the past, though choose to remember it well.

nothing shapes your future like the present.

so what are you?

are you a stream, dancing off rocks into the boundaries of the forest?

or are you the sea, wild and reckless as the waves crashing down on the beach?

i wish you luck, whoever and whatever you are,

and hope you find peace

in your flow.

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