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milq_tea the stars are warm
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My entry for the contest thing <3


my feet glanced off the marshy undergrowth, trailing the steps made prior.

it took me some time, but i had arrived.

i collapsed.

the ground felt wonderful, soaked up with dew.

i could hear bees, thrumming in sync with my pulse.

i could hear worms, calm like my mind.

i could hear deer, legs racing with my heart.

i could hear life.

life was so dear, so precious. i treasured it as all should.

i watched as dew caught on a spiderweb, light glancing off a ladybug's sheen.

robins' feathers cleaned and sleek.

beetles' wings toned and shining.

the ground was maker of all things.

life was in cooperation.

i was only a product of both, as all things are.

ants crawled over my fingers, but i was still.

i didn't want to ruin the moment

between me

and the ground.

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