What I Am
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Sometimes you can't escape from Hell

What I Am

I'm a monster. plain and simple

There is no way of beating around the bush, so I'll just tell you. I'm not the person that the little girl I was wanted me to be. She wanted me to be brave and fearless.

She wanted me to be great things. But now I lurk in dark alleys. Waiting for someone to come upon me. Waiting for someone to tempt me with the smell of their very being.

I try to resist but to no avail. My instincts instantly overcome me, and in an instant, anybody and everybody around me are dead. And I'm covered in their blood.

I will never be able to escape the demon inside me. It torments me with the pain and sadness of losing everyone I love. Nothing can compare to what it feels like to be a... well, whatever I am.

But I will continue to fight the urges, even if it does little to stop them. I do it for me. The little girl that wanted me to be better. But now, I'm this. So for her, I will fight until I die.

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