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millye More naps please
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Just Some Poems :/

Blood is dripping to the floor everything goes dark you're gone once more the light i see has faded i fear i must be jaded this ongoing nightmare this never-ending dream goes on and on inside my head why doesn't it let me free

stars light up like little bulbs tracing patterns in the night each one farther than the last each one moving oh so fast but really they are stationary gazing out through dark never knowing they are the one the truly does have my heart love filled stars trace across leaving me feeling all but lost the beautiful stars up in the sky you are one with me tonight

flower petals and rose buds which one is more fun both are pretty and haven't much, but what does one have more than not? flower petals falling and flying flower petals blowing and rushing flower petal are a beauty to be seen yet why do we wish to destroy something so clean

worms and bugs live underground birds and dogs do not so what makes one more important than the other? is it size, intelligence, or just pure strength? why must we judge based off of looks why must we rank things in ways so cruel

thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, if you like my poems say so and i will continue to make more! Bye!

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