Abducted alien stories

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Aliens aren't always meaning harm. people assume


Ted trudged along the metal hallway. Odd looking containers lined the walls and bubbles popped inside the thick liquid that resided in these glass cages.

Things squirmed in their gel-like substances. His boots clunked against the hard metal floor, echoing in the empty hallway.

Noises came from behind him as he walked, and he stumbled over himself, leaving a bread-crumb trail of blood. He dragged his broken ankle, wincing with every step.

Noises getting closer made him go faster. Soon he was almost running on his one good foot, but he hit a ledge in the flooring, and toppled over.

The footsteps came closer, getting louder. He could tell they were running now. He tried to get up, but his other leg was dislocated.

Creatures, with faces like monsters, stood above him. Their jaws distorted in the dim light, their eyes shone white.

They had no teeth, and instead they had long tentacles that slithered around in their black mouths.

"Stay still," One of them spoke, "you are hurt," Ted tried to crawl away, but one of the aliens grabbed him by the arm.

"Let go of me!"

Ted's yelling took them by surprise, and he let go. Ted tried to get up, but he couldn't. He collapsed back onto the floor.

He had nowhere to go.

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