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Gregory and his friends go for a wa

A Story for School

Gregory walks along with his two best friends, John and Lucy. Lucy haS brown eyes along with long, light, brown hair. She walked with a bounce in her step, her curled hair floating behind her.

She and John have been together for almost three months.

"Hey Greg, where did you say we were going again?" Says John.

Greg stopped. "How many times do I have to tell you? I found this cool place, and I want you to see. There's this really huge, cool tree and it sort of glows. Just trust me.

" They walk through brush, scraping their hands while pushing it away.

They didn't seem to be going on a set path, but you could see there was some-what some path from Gregory having walked through here before. The grass was pushed down and branches were broken.

The trees seemed to be closing in on them the further they went into this unknown territory. They towered higher above them, and soon it was hard to see anything four feet in front of you.

There were few places in the canopy that light crept through, but it wasn't much on the forest floor. Large bugs crawled near their feet, and Lucy and John were starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, um... Greg?" John stammered, "I don't like this. I think we should turn back."

Gregory ignored him, and they had no choice but to keep going.

Lucy had this feeling she was being followed, and kept turning her head, seeing a glimpse of something very large hiding behind trees when she looked.

She grabbed ahold of John's hand and squeezed. He squeezed back and smiled at her, but somehow it wasn't comforting enough for her.

"We're almost there, just wait."

They came upon a very large expanse with no trees, yet darkness still crept on every surface. The sky looked dark. A tall Tree sat in the middle of the clearing, and Gregory was right.

It was glowing. He went up and touched it, and his soul seemed to leave his body.

Lucy went up next, and was hesitant to touch it, but then John came up behind her and touched the Tree.

His eyes went blank, and so she laid her hand on the strangely warm bark of the large Tree. She was instantly transported into another dimension.

She lay on soft green grass, and she didn't remember who she was for a brief moment. She looked around and saw John and Gregory talking.

"See? I told you this place is amazing. Look, if you can imagine something, then it exists here. I've been having so much fun.

And the greatest part is that while you're here doing whatever you please, time doesn't pass in the other world. It's so cool and im surprised nobody has come here in the past it's amazing!"

They all looked when they heard a rustle in the bushes nearby, and they all froze.

He clearly hadn't known there was anything else here, and he was being quite loud in his speech about how amazing this dimension was.

They stood there waiting, and soon enough a small bunny hopped out, and they all relaxed. They were all very tense and shook at every sound.

They weren't so relaxed, however, when the bunny started growing and large sharp teeth came out of its mouth.

They started running, and the devil bunny ran after them, growling and snarling the whole way. They separated and went into different directions, but the rabbit had friends.

Now there were three of them and they were all going for a different person.

John was the first to die.

He had tripped on a weasel poking its head out to see what the commotion was. The weasel died. The rabbit swallowed him whole and ran after Lucy. however, it was Gregory that died next.

He had been too slow and the rabbit caught after him. Lucy was scared now and quite literally running like her life depended on it.

She raced through the trees and weaved herself through small openings but the rabbits still chased. She had the same fate as the others, and she died soon after.

The Tree was a trickster. It made one believe to spread the word, then more would be captured.

The creatures of the Tree were of servitude to capture the ones who thought they could have their way with the Trees creation of this new dimension.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the tree stood, glowing brighter as it took three more victims.

The three bodies had collapsed to the ground and their eyes were full of life, but their bodies were paralyzed.

The trail they laid was repairing itself, and more trees were growing in their place. Nobody would ever know they had been here. Only God knows how many others there have been.

The tree had swallowed them up into the ground, everything as it had been before, ready to claim another.

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