3 Years
3 Years 
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mills_poetry poetry🤷‍♀️
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Kind of a deep one🤷‍♀️

3 Years

Three years should be long enough

I shouldn’t still be mad at you because of what you’ve done

But the pain is just different now

Even if the anger isn’t at you it’s still around

And because of you my little sister is super mean

Any lecture from my mom comes back to YOU

Because to her you’re the sun and she’s the moon

You’ll always be the reason my life’s turned upside down

Even if the pain is just “different” now

Do you think about ME all the time?

Or is the one text a month just where we’re at right now?

I understand for you my memories are probably painful

That thinking about me makes you feel ashamed

And honestly the way you are now my life is better without you

Just know that while you live your new life in your new town

I’m still here wishing it was three years ago

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