Through His Eyes: A Riverdale Fanfiction
Through His Eyes: A Riverdale Fanfiction riverdale stories

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Discover what happened in Riverdale through the perspective of Jughead Jones.

Through His Eyes: A Riverdale Fanfiction

Everyone blamed Jason Blossom's death on me. They called me a murderer, a psychopath, anything that would make me want to leave Riverdale High School for good.

This summer, Jason Blossom was found dead in the river. His sister, Cheryl said he had drowned, but when the rescue team went searching for his body moments later, they found nothing inside.

I knew something was off and tried to publish my theories in the school newspaper, Blue and Gold.

Principal Weatherbee denied it all five times I asked, he thought I was a bad kid and said that if i wanted to make up for all of my "wrongdoings" I would have to do detention.

Detention isn't that bad, but it's not how I want to be spending my afternoon. I talked to Betty and asked her if she could try to convince him instead, but still he denied it.

Whatever, this was outrageous! Everyone really thought I had something to do in the plot of Jason's death, but the truth is I barely knew him.

I knew him as Polly's boyfriend, nothing more and nothing less. I felt like everything changed this summer. Archie seemed distant from me, and we used to talk all the time.

Betty was getting closer to him everyday! I didn't like what I was seeing anymore. As I was walking down the hall to my locker, I heard Reggie shout out.

"Hey, killer! Why'd you do it? Huh? Were you jealous?" He laughs like it's the funniest thing ever and then fist bumps one of his friends.

I want to run at him and punch him, but I'm not risking looking more suspicious. I looked around for Betty and Archie but the hall was too crowded to see everywhere.

Suddenly, I felt a shoe hit my shin. I winced as I fell to the ground, my bag weighing me down more. My books scattered on the floor and I felt myself being watched from every direction.

I saw Betty and Archie running down the hall, coming for me. Betty dropped down next to me and began to pick up my belongings while Archie looked around for who did it.

He came back over to me and shrugged his shoulders and then he joined in helping Betty.

"What happened?" Betty asked as she grabbed my hand and helped me up.

"Uh...I guess someone accidentally hit my leg." I rubbed the back of my head and looked down. I felt embarrassed for some odd reason. I picked up my bag quickly and turned around.

Before I could walk off, Betty said something.

"See you at lunch, Jug." She smiled as bright as the sun and then turned around swiftly, her ponytail swaying like a horse tail.

"Yeah, um...see ya." I turned around again and walked off.


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