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You hold boundless potential. You hold infinite possibilities. Yes, you

Quantum of You.

Hey, you.

Yes, you

You hold boundless potential

You hold infinite possibilities

You can be the burst of energy from Einstein's special relativity

You are neither dead or alive like Schrodinger's cat

You are either particle or a wave

You are the wave function that has yet to collapse

You are the superposition of every possible configuration of your quantum states

Yes, that's you.

It's scary isn't it?

To hold unlimited potential within limited boundaries of your body.

To have infinite possibilities confined within finite time of your existence.

It's scary that you can never become every possibility or if you ever be at least one.

Every atom that made you gave you all of the choices but you cannot choose one.

But you should not let that fear hold you back

Or let the tremendous gravity of failure pull you back

You should not let the massive weight of expectations interfere with your coherence

Or let anyone else answer your own question of intermittence

Because in the end, the decision of being everything or something or nothing should be just on you.

Yes, you.

So, burst forth like the energy from Einstein's special relativity and no one could ever destroy you

So, open the box and let Schrodinger's cat choose, just like you

So, be a particle, be a wave. Oscillate to every frequency you could ever be.

So, decide and let your wave function collapse to whatever you want it to be.

Because even every single atom that made you cannot take that from you.

Yes, you.

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