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Under the night sky, rainbow mountains are being crossed by two cloaked figures. The pink diamonds engraved in their purple skin are the proof of their bloodline.

The Lock Thief

Under the night sky, rainbow mountains are being crossed by two cloaked figures.

The pink diamonds engraved in their purple skin are the proof of their bloodline.

Soon they arrive in front of a huge bolder. The sun start to rise. Morning on the rainbow mountains...

- It's time! The sun is rising! Said the man, as both were getting off horses .

The woman is getting in front of the rainbow bolder , kneels down , close her eyes and takes some sand in her palms.

- This sacred ground is protected by the one and only ARAK , the leader of the Circle and the Creator of this sealed Grave!

- Open this gates for I have ARAK's blood running in my veins!

As she said this, the sand from her palms turned into sharp stones, cutting her . A few drops of blood fall on the ground, turning into red diamonds.

A gate is starting to appear in front of them.

She holds her palms together and the bleeding stops. Then she trows the stones behind her, as they fall ,they turn into yellow scorpions.

The gates open and they start to move.

Streets covered by a red mist , houses covered in ashes , forest covered in gold dust, stoned bodies covered in frozen blood, was the image behind those rainbow gates .

- What exactly happened here? Asks the man, looking at a child statue.

- You know half of what happened! Said the woman, stepping on the grass covered in gold dust.

- And the other half? Continued the man.

- The other half, it's better if you don't know ! Answered the woman, as in front of them ,a palace appears, from the red mist.

From the windows it was pouring liquid mercury , sealing the entry and covering the ground around.

This time the man ,come forward and touched one of the tree that was covered in gold dust.

- Dry blood on the crying Father , frozen tears on a sorrowful Mother, wood protecting the cold Child , show me what it was before the Big Fall !

The forest start to tremble and the dust rise ,covering the mercury, making it to dissolve.

Soon the palace is covered in gold, the mist is gone, the trees and the grass are green.

They proceed and as they approach , two doors are opening.

- The lock is here somewhere! Said the woman

- I think is closer than you think! Responds the man ,pointing to a room.

They enter and see 3 statues. A man , a woman and they hold a small child . The lock was around the child neck.

- They thought the lock is going to protect them.... Are they ? Asks the man

- Dead?! They are dead for more then 2000 years, look ! Said the woman as she break one of the statue arm. Bones and dust fall on the ground.

The man stands still at this image: a man and a woman embracing a small child as if to protect it, turned into stones.

- I'm going to take it, be ready! Said the woman , putting her hands on the lock.

The man nodes in response.

She grabs the lock from the child's neck and pulls it away.

The 3 statues crumble down , turning into dust. The walls start to vibrate and they start to run outside. As they run into the forest, the palace walls fall into a pool of mercury.

Red clouds cover the sky and drops of gold start to fall.

- It's raining gold, I don't know if I should be happy or extremely scared ! Yelled the man , while running.

- Well if you get hit, you will have a coffin made from gold drops and your own blood. Responds the woman as they approach the rainbow gates.

-The color of my blood shall be the one to cover this place ! The ashes shall be the witness of your greed ! The gold shall pour from the sky , to feed your grave for all eternity! I command you , in the name of ARAK, close your Gates!!! Said the woman, as both crossed the other side of the gate.

As they step out , the sun is setting.

They stare at the gate as it was disappearing .

The woman looks at the lock, and puts it around her neck. They both get on the horses.

As the night is getting darker, the two cloaked figures are disappearing in those rainbow mountains.

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