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The end of the shift for two nurses. They work in a home for the insane elderly. All doors closed , everyone is in bed sleeping, the 2 young nurses are in a room , getting supplies for the next day , when a loud scream can be heard.

Little Car

The end of the shift for two nurses. They work in a home for the insane elderly.

All doors closed , everyone is in bed sleeping. The 2 young nurses are in a room , getting supplies for the next day .

When , all of the sudden, a loud scream can be heard.

The nurses stop. Look at each other and go out to check what it is. They look around, nothing. But steps can be heard. A patient is walking down the stairs with the head down and a violin in her hand .

The girls look at each other, being a little surprised. After a few seconds of silence , and standing there ,one of them is going towards the elder woman. - Come darling, you must go in bed. Says the nurse , getting even closer .

The elder woman stops, in the middle of the hallway. Puts the end of the violin in her mouth, making her open the mouth wide and she starts playing a song .

Pine cones start to fall from her mouth, fast , until they pile up and reach her neck.

The nurse who was close to her, head towards her ear and whisper : IMUZALLO!

But then, the nurse start to gag and black bees start to fly out her mouth.

The other nurse, got freaked out . She falls back and run to the last door on the hallway. Gets inside ,one of the patients room and close it.

Loud banging at the door is making the girl tremble.

- It did not work! It's like what happened to Matt. He had black spiders come out of his mouth! Is the nurse , saying to herself.

- What is going on? Ask the elder woman who was paralyzed in bed.

- We have robbers here, I must call the police , but I don't have a phone. Says the nurse.

The banging stops. She looked around, nothing here.

- Please stay calm, the police will be here anytime. Says the nurse to the patient, as she gets out the balcony.

She starts to jump one balcony to another. After 3 jumps she can see down the woman with the violin, followed by 6 young nurses.

- But of course it had to be young people. Says the girl as she enter a patient room. The patient is paralyzed in bed. She check her and she smiled.

- Well , is good you are smiling. See you later though.

Going out in the hallway, a total mess can be seen. She runs to a phone, gets down to hide and make a call . Her voice is echoing in that chaotic place .

- It's a demon! The Sabrina tried that, but it didn't work! -I don't know where she is! -What, you want me, to get in basement? ! -I'm scared ... I'm serious about this...ok..but I'm still scared.

She gets up, the sound of the police sirens can be heard.

The basement had the light flickering and some stuff destroyed. She is hesitating but enters and second later she comes out with a backpack and runs out of the building.

She arrives at her destination at dawn. A dusty ,old car, between 2 abandoned trains. The car ,had the tires tide up on tracks, with silver chains.

She gets close to the car and pulls out from the backpack , a pair of white gloves with red fingertips.

Takes a little bottle with liquid gold and another with black blood.

She then poors a few drops of each, in her hands.

She goes around the car, painting a circle on each window . In total 6 circles.

-6 circles! 6 souls! 6 lives!

She makes a few steps back from the car , takes a deep breath.

-Born in the North , having the last breath in the South! -Your steps were not touch by the sunlight , your skin had never meet the moonlight .

- Your eyes were sew with gold, your mouth with silver ! -But your hands and feets were free ! -Free to walk in this world and the other! - Make my hands like yours and let me bring this 6 souls back to their rightful place !!

As she finish saying that, the circles start to glow. She puts her hands in the glowing circle and pulls out a small light that rises to the sky.

She goes around the car and from each circle she pulls out a small light, that each rises to the sky.

After that, the circles disappeared. The silver strings start to tremble. Soon the whole car start to shake and then abruptly stops.

- I'm sorry , my little buddy. But as I said earlier, your mouth is sew with silver. Is the nurse saying as she looks at the tires.

- But now , I have some free time so... She pulls from the backpack a children's book and a thermos with coffee.

She lays down on the ground next to the car, open the book and start to read as she drinks her coffee.

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