Devouring a ``Lover``

         Devouring a ``Lover`` false love stories

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Don`t be scared, come closer. I make a step toward you

By d

Devouring a ``Lover``

by LauraM

Don`t be scared, come closer.

I make a step toward you

Our forehead touches gently.

I can hear your heartbeat. Your breath is so warm.

Don`t be scared of my wings, i`m not scared of yours.

Let your feather white wings touch lightly my dark scaly skin wings

Don`t be scared of my fangs, i only want to make you mine, but i`m sorrowful in hurting you.

Don`t be scared of the poison that runs in my veins, i will bite myself and die before i will hurt you.

Don`t encage me in your arms, i will back stab you before you could blink.

Don`t fall for my sweet generic lyrics , i will only want to crawl your skin with my claws .

Don`t lean in , that fragile body of yours will brake .

I will make your heartbeat stop,

your breath out cold,

your sparkling eyes, i will damned them into darkness.

Your existence will become my perfume, to wear!

Your wings, will become my new shoes!

Your sweat will become my glory!

Come closer!

Apologetic words come in my mind, as i devour your existence.

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