Can't You See Me? - Chapter #1
Can't You See Me? - Chapter #1 yeonjun stories

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Yeonjun X M/C
These eyes were not looking through me... they were looking at me. For the first time in one thousand years, a pair of human eyes had seen me. All I could do from then on was "hope it's just a painful dream".

Azrael is a pretentious death angel, distracted by her past life rather than her duty to aid souls in moving on. When a living human named Yeonjun sees her for the very first time in a thousand years, her world changes for eternity.


Can't You See Me? - Chapter #1

These eyes were not looking through me... they were looking at me. For the first time in one thousand years, a pair of human eyes had seen me.

All I could do from then on was "hope it's just a painful dream".


"What a boring schedule," I scowl, looking at my departure log

I slip in and out of the hospital walls. There's a reason why I leave this location until the end of my shift. Because there always has to be a ridiculous amount of deaths.



Old age


I've seen it all, far too many times for me to count. The smell of disinfectant has been ridiculous since late 2019, and it's starting to really piss me off.

At this rate, I'll have to extend my shift for at least 12 hours. Just to look for all the souls that are about to be confused by its fumes.

"The final death of today, floor 14 room 147," I sign

I float through the door and head straight towards the hospital bed, ignoring the insignificant surroundings.

I have a straightforward job to do, move the soul on to heaven, hell wherever, as long as they don't linger on earth.

Otherwise, I'll have a nasty case of hauntings, which is meant to be considered supernatural, written off as fiction.

As soon as humans believe in the supernatural, the devil and his loyal underlings start to cause trouble.

"Choi Lee Go, time of death 10:47 pm, cause of death old age,"

"Ready to go Choi Lee Go?" I ask, looking up from my clipboard

The woman looks confused, not surprising considering she just died. I'll consider myself lucky her soul wasn't full of vengeance or sorrow.

"I'm Azrael, and I'll be leading you to heaven unless you want to pick hell instead," I say, hoping to shorten the process.

"Yes dear," the woman finally expresses, smiling warmly

I release the tension residing in my hands as I watch the staircase to heaven appear seamlessly. I offer the woman my hand to help her up.

However, she is determined on climbing the stairs herself. What a pleasant surprise; I pluck a pitch-black feather from my wings and console my clipboard.

1. No regrets present

2. Emotionally stable

3. Aura of happiness

4. Supposed grandson watching myself


I take my attention away from the clipboard to finally analyse the hospital room. A family member is beside the deceased. That's not anything unordinary.

However, what is unordinary is the fact that Choi Lee Go's grandson is looking at me. These eyes were not looking through me... they were looking at me.

For the first time in one thousand years, a pair of human eyes had seen me. I look down at my clipboard.

My face is currently disguised with light; this person may not be able to see my face; however, he sure as hell can see my body, my wings, and supposedly his grandmother.

I can't linger any longer. I quickly tuck my clipboard away and signal my wings to take flight. I am leaving the human world behind at least until tomorrow arrives.


Yeonjun's POV

"Is it 10'o'clock already, dear?"

"It sure is, grandmother,"

I sit idly beside my grandmother, admiring the flowers I had brought as a gift. The environment was astoundingly calm.

While my grandmother constantly acted as if she didn't worry about the world, I could see she had become tired.

I doubt raising a second child single handily was ideal for herself, especially without her own daughter's support, who had decided to run away for the states carelessly.

I gently cradled my grandmother's frail hand. The calm environment made me feel uneasy; I barely felt the presence of other spirits around me.

"Dear, don't you have school tomorrow? So you should get some rest," Grandmother nagged from the bed.

"I don't like being in the house alone... you know that grandmother," I whine in response listening to the beep of the heart monitor the ticking of the clock.

"Yeonjun-ah, do you have meat in your fridge?"

"Does the heater work still? I know that it hasn't been working the last couple of months properly," she continues.

"Why are you worrying about this now grandmother, just rest. You don't need to worry about me. I'm 17 now, after all, basically an adult," I reassure her holding back tears.

"Alright, well, if you think that you're so grown up, I'll just be quiet now,"

I chuckle softly in response. Even at a time like this, she still keeps up her facade of control.

"Now Yeonjun-ah, I want you to know that you must live for yourself from now on, don't worry about other people.

I want to make sure that you can live a life that you are proud of and a life where you never have a reason to be sad,"

"What's with you, grandmother? It's not like you're going anywhere," I respond, continuing to battle back tears.

"I'm going to sleep now, Yeonjun-ah. But, make sure that you get enough sleep tomorrow, or I'll be mad," she finally says, squeezing my hand.

"Of course I will, grandmother," I respond by her side

And just like that, the last family member that was ever known to me faded away or perhaps was blinded away?

I'm no stranger to seeing spirits. It's what I would consider a quirk of myself.

It's pretty simple to ignore the spirit, and the most trouble it can cause is blocking your view of the bus numbers.

However, in addition to my grandmother's spirit, I experienced something quite literally angelic. First, a blindingly bright light appeared before my eyes.

Then, behind the light, all I could make out is a thin silhouette clouded by a pair of deathly dark wings...

an angel? A second flash of light appeared no more than twenty seconds later, and the angelic silhouette disappeared. Dazed by its sight, I look down.

Grandmother's body is as expected, right beside me. Her spirit, however, was gone.


Hello dear readers! Welcome to my brand new work 'can't you see me?' I truly hope you have enjoyed it! This is my first time writing in a while, and by that, I mean at least one year now.

Finding time to write is nearly impossible in year 12 . I am unsure what my writing schedule will be like. It will most likely depend on how this chapter goes read & comment-wise.

So if you would like to read another chapter of this work, please comment on what you think will happen next!

Finally, some MTBI details of the characters we know so far :)

* Azrael - INTJ

* Yeonjun - ENTP

(this list will continue to grow as the story continues and will be available in the chapter before this)

Endless love from,

LVM <3

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