Oops, i lied (Lila vs Kagami)
  Oops, i lied (Lila vs Kagami) miraculous ladybug stories

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~Lila Rossi~ I walked down the street with my school bag over my shoulder. A scowl was permanently placed on my face. The day that I have been dreading is finally here.

Oops, i lied (Lila vs Kagami)

~Lila Rossi~ a.k.a the better one

I walked down the street with my school bag over my shoulder. A scowl was permanently placed on my face. The day that I have been dreading is finally here.

The day when Kagami Tsurugi would be enrolled in Francois Dupont high school. I hate Kagami more than i hate Marinette and even more than i hate Ladybug.

She thinks she's a good fencer but really se just makes them think she's good. Kagami is fake and she is going to pay for it.

In her mind, the only thing she can think of is: Impress Adrien because you know he won't like you if you don't but then again, you know you're not good at anything so just give up,

but no i need to win because i don't have anything better to do and all i do is lose, lose, lose! I am so pathetic! She is useless. Kagami wants to steal Adrien from me.

The boy of my dreams, he is so perfect.

With golden skin and deep green eyes clashing perfectly with his silky blond hair, he is the embodiment of perfection and i think that i deserve to have him.

I have secretly been working with Mr.

Agreste lately to make sure that he was safe and to apparently help him with his grades but the worst grade Gabriel Agreste's son would ever dare have is an A-.

Like i said, embodiment of perfection. I wouldn't let any other girl get away with my Adrien. And Kagami is the worst one. I need a plan and a brilliant idea is starting to awaken in my head.

Marinette Dupain Cheng hates Kagami as much as i do but she is friends with her, so my plan is to get Marinette to help me. It's going to be a challenge but it's worth a chance.

+Kagami Tsurugi+

It being my first day at Francois Dupont, all i have to do is act natural.

Adrien wants me to be nice so i will, but if anyone gets in my way like that little nuisance, Lila Rossi or Chloe Bourgeois, i will show them who i am.

A brutal fencer at heart, i knock down anyone who is in my way. Some people think i am too harsh but really i just want to get my way.

Lila: Like the little brat that you are! Kagami: Sometimes i feel as if Adrien likes Marinette which i will not tolerate.

If Adrien likes Marinette (which is what it looks like sometimes) and not me, than she is in for a fight of a lifetime with the one and only Kagami Tsurugi.

Lila: You are going to lose! Anyone could beat you in their sleep. And stop being so prideful.

Marinette and i are friends for now but if she even tries to talk to Adrien, i will be triggered and that is not something you want.

Adrien Agreste

I walked into school and saw Kagami Tsurugi walk into Ms. Bustie's classroom. We had a substitute because Ms. Bustie was giving birth to her new child.

Marinette was dumbfounded at her seat behind Nino and I. It's confusing to me if Kagami and Marinette are friends or not.

Kagami is just so clingy over me and Marinette is a really good friend but i would never want to hurt either of their feelings.

Marinette: I am not a friend! I want to be more than that! Kagami seemed on alert mode and i think she just needs to relax.

My feelings for ladybug haven't changed except for the growth of love for her every single day. I'm stuck with a curse of loving the girl that i will never get.

Marinette's spirit reminds me of Ladybug and therefore she is very likable, buy just a really good friend.

Kagami is too much like me and Marinette has some of the same traits as me but Kagami has to many traits like me. She reminds me of a more harsh version of myself.

Her presence reminds me of my own grief because her life is full of grief. I want to help her but i don't want to encourage her to be clinging to me.

Opposites attract---like yin and yang, they fit in perfect harmony. That's Marinette and i are. Lila seems deeply disturbed by Kagami's presence.

The whole school better be ready for a lie-a-thon and a fight to which lila will win with her lies and Kagami will get mad and probably get akumatised.

It is sad to see how powerful Lila's lies are.

that's all i have for now! More parts will come later!

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