Wonder Years
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mil0 Hear and be heard. That's all I want.
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Music is probably one of the greatest loves of my life. This poem was inspired by a song of the same name.

Wonder Years

Before I knew death Before I knew my death. At the youngest I can remember I knew so much. In fact, so much more than now. Truths were not limited to the senses. Or what my mind could comprehend.

What I'm saying is My ideas are my own and not my own. I act within a box. Thus escape from the reality I have been exposed to appears impossible. But as a child, before my cell was molded for me

I could envision the world beyond any wall. The structure consisting of broken lessons learned from those that have forsaken the gift of dreams. To forge a dream is nature. To steal a dream is human. I fight to retain what is left of my...

Wonder Years

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