More Than A Bond
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mil0 Hear and be heard. That's all I want.
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There are people in this world that I share my life with.

More Than A Bond

At some point in time I decided to divide. I give pieces of my life But somehow that gives me peace of mind.

I find they try to be my guide Through loss and loss of the coldest kind. And when some days our hearts collide... We've lost the love So vain, so blind.

I writhe in pain Feeling yours and mine.

A part of me you will carry for life. A part of you to make the world shine.

I admit that it's not easy to love people. We get used to carrying a weight and trick ourselves into believing that no one truly wishes to lighten our load. But when you get to know someone, you give a piece away. Your loves, hates, thoughts, walks, talks, and your weight. You are now a part of someone. They are a part of you. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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