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mikki_ #DreadfulCollection is my poetry May2020
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While a poem, this is also my introduction of myself to all of you. Who I am and my deepest thanks for joining me through my next collection of poems (and as I navigate a new website)

Who am I?

Dearest Reader;

Hallo! I'm glad you have found my little corner in the online poetry world.

I thought I should introduce myself, tell you about what makes me tick,

Why I write poetry,

The themes behind them,

The sadness and darkness,

The shattered pieces I hold in my hands that makes me -- well, me.

I am in my 20's getting my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology and International Safety and Security. (CJC and ISS)

I have grown up in the beautiful state of Colorful Colorado with the Rocky Mountains as my hide away spot,

My comforters, and my protectors.

Backpacked my summers away through Colorado and Wyoming.

I am now living in The Netherlands.

I am a spoonie for those who have chronic illnesses, you know where that's at!

My life often goes between home, school, work, doctors for my kidney disease and the infusion room for another

Autoimmune disease.

I am a huge advocate for quality health care in the United States,

I care about the lower and middle class,

I will call people out on their racism, ableism, sexism, and pretty much all isms.

I am involved with my LGBT community because they're my family

Especially as an out gay woman myself.

I love my Church and worship.

Sounds good until you read the poems.

I have never been one to create happy poems filled with dreams, love, or romance.

My poems are always tiptoeing the line of life and death,

Of depression and mania

Eating Disorder recovery or relapse,

Insomnia or 19 hours of sleep.

My poetry comes from deep seated grief on my choices,

The experiences in my life,

A way to express myself freely to the things I have lost in person.

It's who I am.

I have been published before on poems and it makes me happy to know that I am not alone

In the feelings of the deepest depressions,

Or the never ending sea of grief.

Poetry is a free way for us to communicate how we feel to each other on deep levels,

Or by sharing our dreams.

So thank you for joining me on this journey of poetry through the waves

And seeing where the next storm takes us.

Yours truly,


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