Love Is All That's Left
Love Is All That's Left #dreadfulcollection stories

mikki_ #DreadfulCollection is my poetry May2020
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While "Dreadful" is typically filled with a darker side of emotions from depression, Love Is All That's Left is a piece that comes from missing someone close to me and knowing what love is for a person, knowing sacrifices are made, compromises are to be had, and at the end of the day, when all the material things are gone, love is all that's left.

Love Is All That's Left


Love is the candle burning in the corner of the room, the way the flame causes a shadow to dance behind it to be the star of the show on the living room wall because it's your favorite.

It is the way you hum in the kitchen and dance while you're cooking,

It's the way the food sizzles and pops in the pan and you breathe in the scent and just know you are home.

Love is the two-walking hand in hand on a busy sidewalk in the park,

The way words don't need to be spoken for the world to know they have a connection that only the understand;

It's the way they're in synch step in step,

And the way trust lies on their faces at such ease and peace.


It's the way you can calm each other down in the smallest of ways,

The way you can rock them on your lap and hum against their body,

The way you make your body a shield against them so that their bad dream can't break through.

It's the way you laugh with them at their hair loss in funny patches and failed eyebrow drawing skills,

But the way you must reassure them an hour later that she's still the most beautiful girl you've ever seen.

It's the way their presence makes you stop and question life at all moments and you ask yourself what you would do without them.

It's the way you take the garbage out after you ate BBQ chicken, and not because she's a vegan,

But because you know she hates the way BBQ smell.

It's in the ways where you clean the toilet (again) because she will do the dishes which you hate to do more than cleaning the toilet,

Even though you both promised to switch off.


It's the kisses in the rain, the slow dances in the hallways with your laughter as the music.

It's the way you hug and make up after a fight even though you're right and she's wrong -

But love says that you still love them either way.

It's in the ways that you snuggle close to start out with but wake up with her feet on your face and all you can do is sigh and roll over.


It's spending the night on the couch because you upset her and she needs her space

But still wants you close to her.

Love is in the forgiveness even when they don't deserve it.

Even when you know you should walk away but you know that life is so much happier when he's in it,

And that sometimes in order to forgive, you need to be mad.


It's the way you hold his hand after he was in a car accident and the doctor told you he is brain dead.

Love is the tears of losing your other half,

But it is also love when you agree to donate his organs because a mother will see her baby live,

A father will live to be forgiven,

A brother will be granted a new heart,

And a new sun rising while it hurts you,

Your love will live on with those you've helped save.

Love is in death.

Love is waiting for your time to meet each other at those pearly white gates and you embrace each other have a long time of no see.

Love is being willing to do it all over again.

Love is all that's left to ask for forever.

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