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"Be Perfect" written in April 2020 when I started to lose myself again when I went into a depressive episode. Being in a recovery from an Eating Disorder for nearly two years, I wrote this in the middle of my first of many steps of engaging in unhealthy behaviors again so I could "be perfect."

Be Perfect

Be perfect they said.

Beautiful face, perfect voice.

The body of a goddess, perfect curves to fit the perfect clothes,

To tempt the mind of another, to fit into the perfect world.

Be perfect they said.

Write six essays, but no not like that.

Be better, be smarter, be faster.

Study more, party less.

Be perfect they said.

Have an amazing mind but a great social life.

Be engaged in school activities, but active in a community that's not school.

Be an adult that can handle an adult situation but good luck finding that situation until it's too late.

Be perfect they said.

Have good mental health! It's okay to not be okay.

Yet there's a stigma and shame of needing mental health care.

Be perfect they said.

Be well balanced.

Be loved.

Be liked.

Care about your family.

Your friends.

Your animals.

Your job.

Be perfect they said.

But where's the time for me to take care of me?

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