First Date
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My heart thinking out loud

First Date

When I look at her I see beauty.....OH THATS IT

There's no metaphors no word play nothing describes the first day

But the first date was the first day

There was a homerun without first base

Perfection in a dress is the worst way

Cause it just cheapens the description of OUR birth place

I tried to speak I uttered. Before she could speak she stuttered

Smiled approximately 13 teeth the upper

The bottom was beneath the other

2 things that would leave me fluttered ...those eyes

When I LOOKED into her eyes I swear I HEARD my heartbeat I saw future anniversaries

Monumental birthdays our first child in a nursery

She blinked 3 quick times before the official blush

The initial rush inspired from the initial touch

Me moving her hand she bowed her face I lift it up

For a clearer view asking myself, is it love

See I was in a devoted marriage

Devotion 1 sided but I chose to bear it

Divorced now but I don't know her, but I know I hear it

A voice saying that we should get together break up then get back together again so that I can be her past present future

The last to ever do it write off the past characters and cast a better movie

So I HATE YOU... think she'll take me back

Give me a chance to make her laugh

I'm sure I'll make her mad

But Invest her hearts with me i promise she'll make it back

She's given so much I wont minimize her loss

But this will be the best risk since deciding to walk

Just look at them as the cost of doing business & write'em off

I'm sorry, I apologize my mind is drifting I'm getting lost

AHEM.... Shaunda I'm Mike Nice to meet you

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