The Cricket
The Cricket  poetry stories

mikeschimm Community member
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A trivial cricket in comparison to the rest of the universe.

The Cricket

A cricket born in a courtyard

Will only ever know the courtyard.

It may venture a few bricks down

the cobble pathway in its life.

Befriending the grass, the flowers and spring

Staring up at the tall concrete walls

pondering— what lies beyond the courtyard?

I sometimes find myself staring

At the tall cosmic walls of space

A few bricks down the pathway

and pondering -- what lies beyond the courtyard?

This spinning ball of brick and mortar

Rotating in its own fixed position

of cobble pathways.

Remaining forever in its

orbital courtyard around the sun.

And once a year it catches glimpse

to another clump of spinning cinders

a bit too far to see -- what lies beyond the courtyard?

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