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mikegharib95 Aspiring poet and novelist. Musician.
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A few questions for society.

I'm Just Curious

You with the finger and the laughing

At a kid weeping with his face to a wall

Educate me

Where do you locate the gall

And the overall shamelessness

To laugh at the suffrage of those

Who managed to form opposing opinions

In the dominion of "think this" and "speak that"?

Who do you think you are

With those flashy cars and stacks of cash

That define your success

And your undying urge to suppress

The flow of culture in your kingdom?

I'm just curious

You keep spreading word that piety

Cures depression and anxiety

Yet do no effort to purge your clinics

From clerics dressed in white jackets

I said, lacking necessary knowledge of the self

Are the people who were assigned to cure

Our internal ailments and pains

Why do your therapists

Treat our pains like numbers on paper

Like simple problems that can be troubleshot

With not more than a magic chemical doodad?

Not gonna lie, I'm deathly mad

But I am still curious

Surely I'm but a guest in your lands

Though I, as much as you and they,

Was born and raised in your hometown

Hearken for I'll say this only once again

The same dogs that barked in these dirty streets

We've both seen and possibly feared

For, shockingly, your people'd rather hurt them

Than be their ray of hope in a town

That's always watered down "man's best friend"

Into "scary thing that bites at random"

Might I clarify that seldom such a creature

Would think of scarring you for no clear end?

Cosmetic piety calls for a cosmetic view

Of the world, and possibly all of the cosmos

Why do you suppose that dogs are a threat?

I'm less curious

I've seen most of your transgressions

Not against the one, but against many

Is there any reason

One could say the lord's name in vain

And claim it reeks of loyalty to the creed?

I beseech you to look in a mirror

You have committed a fatal error in judgment

You're not asked to be a saint

Just use your brain before you speak

Before you bully a meek young boy

For being more comfortable in his skin than you are

Are you comprehending how despicable

The actions you deem everyday and normal

Are to oppressed factions?

A daily terror, conditioned into being

You give shame to the name "human beings"

Let me iterate this further

Thou art human, and thy art is murder

Not always gory slaughter and severed heads

But laughter that haunts one from the day of their conception

To no end

I am no longer curious

I'm furious that the answer to so many people's

"Why did you make me this way, God?"

Or "I don't want to stay myself anymore,

What did you put these flaws in me for?"

Is from the lips of the majority

A simple "maybe we should help them instead today"

A simple noble use of popular authority

Instead of a merciless "screw them, it's funny anyway"

Today is the time to utter that "maybe"

But will you be decent and just humor me?

Will you finally make that move?

Could you, after my plea, be even moved?

Okay, now I'm curious!

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