Angry Man Yells At Cloud
Angry Man Yells At Cloud child abuse stories

mikegharib95 Aspiring poet and novelist. Musician.
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When fatherhood gets misconstrued by one very angry man.

Angry Man Yells At Cloud

This story begins in seventy-three

A patriotic hero emerging from a struggle

Resolved with a treaty

He seated himself next to his bride

Inside his head were flashbacks

Of a general in his barracks who knew not what compassion was

Years later he questions his wife

Why she did not put that cup of tea sideways

Or why she put a dab of salt in their rice

Or why the cereal in the cupboard did not suffice

She did not stand the moments

When he'd almost stretch his hand

And left, not looking back

Divorced, his kids he was not allowed

To see, his ranting was ever so loud

And in 1997 the headlines did read:

"Angry man yells at cloud"

A few years later he meets his kids

And again yells at his daughter

For mistaking her father for a man

He for no right reason loathed

He had to boast of his piety and force

Inside him anxiety dwelled and ate his soul

It told him he had to take control

And raise his children in a way of his own

His own children stood not his antics

"Mom, he yells, he yells so loud,

Can he not be allowed to hurt us?" the children cried

Their mom, knowing the reason why

Asserted to him that her patience ran dry

He shrieked in rage, the headlines again:

"Angry man yells at sky"

The children have grown, the boy's a teen

Discovering his purpose, and as per his mom

Still possessed a curious mind

Nothing could bind his sister from joy

Every day was a new adventure

And would you venture a guess

As to how our angry man would act?

When his son took another language at school

He sounded what he thought exactly why

He found this to be a fatal mistake

The angry man would take his fury out

On the poor kid who never knew

That his dad was lying

"Dear, your dad never had such a privilege

He's fibbing so you could fear his wrath"

And alas, the boy rued the day he saw

His father cry with words so raw

Of truth, the town people once murmured,

"So angry, he could break the law"

The children grew weary of the angry man's ballad

Away from him they galloped

On a pegasus from the stable of their mother's good will

Until he lost his daughter's trust

And never did his claws reach her

Just when you think he could be allowed

To yell so loud and stir the demons

In his little girl's head

The boy would rather have the right

To not fear that he might get scolded

Or threatened with a belt lash

Just because his father can't stand hearing his lad,

"I'm busy, dad, can I call you in an hour?"

Or wet him with a shower of corny speeches,

"Be a dom, be a leader, I preach to you,

Women will distract you and are of no value,

They're demons, they con you" is what he would say

And son would reply, "this is not okay"

For once again the angry man smokes his fumes

His cigs and his chairs and himself and no one

Here's hoping the headlines would once resume:

"Angry man: I'm so sorry, son"

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