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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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I'd love to just go back for one day
To say the things I wanted to say......

Wishing Away Time

Wishing Away Time By:Mike Mezz

Back when I was younger I always wished away time I couldn't wait to be sixteen And to be old enough to drive

Hoping high school was over Graduate from college too Wishing to be twenty-one I just couldn't wait to move

I wanted to make my own way But time moved way to slow So I would just wish it away The clock just wouldn't go

The older I got the faster it went I watched my loved ones grow old How I wish I could go back again And change how my time was spent

I wouldn't have wasted one minute More time with love ones now gone I didn't realize that time had a limit There's so much I missed out on

So many more things I'd like to know I'm not sure why I never asked I was too worried about stuff of my own I'll never again hear them laugh

Now I wish I could have time back And that it would just slow down I wish I could just have the chance To again hear how their voices sound

In my mind I use to see their faces But as time passes they fade away The clock ticks and still races As I wish to go back to yesterday

I'd love to go back for one last day To say the things I wanted to say But I can't turn back the clock I should've never wished time away

Inspired by Challenge #2 @lianna_writes Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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