Thrown Away

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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I send my heart back to a day....

Thrown Away

Thrown Away By: Mike Mezz

I cast my heart away To some romantic yesterday When we were young and free You were blind to everyone but me

I send my heart back to a day In a memory that will not fade When you were what was meant for me In a place that we were destined to be

It makes my heart feel weak When it's your face I see Moving toward me down the avenue How come it's never really you?

I can barely sleep each night When my lonesome bed sheets fight And you're not lying next to me Its really killing me to dream

I threw it all away

I know now that I should have stayed

At the times I held you near me You felt sorry for the lonely ones They were everywhere to see And now we are the lonely ones

It seems we are......

It seems we are...... The only ones

Love thrown Away Its way too common in this day and age

Now Today, I lay my heart on the line Out there for you one last time In hopes that you will forgive me For everything that's meant to be

My empty arms reaching out for you Take my hand and start anew Let's halt each others misery And go to the place we're supposed to be

Will it be thrown away?

Don't waste the second chance we made I know our love is too strong to fade We'll start those future memories To a place only you and I can see

Don't toss it all away again It's a time for our lives to begin We will never be the lonely ones It's me and you until the end

Now, Take my hand......

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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