The Weeping Wind

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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The wind is crying and lonely, but there's no people left to hear. A Narrative Poem

The Weeping Wind

The Weeping Wind By: Mike Mezz (Narrative Poetry)

This wind whistles a sad song As she rumbles through barren trees No humans left to sing along No animals left to enjoy her breeze

She just blows around in the dust People destroyed themselves for greed Mother Nature finally had enough "They loved money more than me"

"Humans polluted my waters" "They kept poisoning my air" " I warned them over and over" " But they just didn't seem to care"

She tried to comfort the wind Who's moans fell upon no one's ears The wind is crying and lonely There's no people left to hear

Dear Mother tried hard to explain But the wind just blew harder She turned herself into a hurricane Not believing that life was over

"Who will I cool in the hot summer?" " Why did you do this, Dear Mother?" "Who will play with me in the winter?" "My breath will never be felt by another!"

The angry wind was weeping As her tears flooded the land "Dearest Wind, they did it to themselves" "It was all done by their own hand"

She knew mother's words were true But her rain continued to flow Now the sky has never glowed so blue As the healing began to show

The smog cleared from the skies As the earth was again turning green The wind had no more reason to cry While Mother Nature continued to clean

The wind still missed the wildlife Once polluted oceans were now pristine This has happened before in time When dinosaurs were roaming free

"New life will return again" "This is my promise to thee" Mother told the excited wind "My words are true, just wait and see"

The wind howled in pure delight "Mother, will you have to do this again?" Mother Nature just answered in a sigh "To tell you the truth, my dearest wind....."

"That will really depend upon them"

Thanks for reading . Hope you enjoyed it❤️ Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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