The Price

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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When is the price too high? Is it worth your life?

The Price

The Price By: Mike Mezz

The moon falls behind the mountains But I can't go outside A sleepless night with all the noise The foul air confines me inside

I was told to wear a mask If I wanted to tend to my garden When the fracking company came in They got a quite a bargain

They kept telling me "Everyone has a price"

We had a town hall meeting But the money was flowing Who would sacrifice thousands? No matter whos heart stops pumping

Sure we needed work But the company wasn't hiring They brought in their own folks From out of state breaking promises

Everything has a price Even your own life

Dollar signs forming in their heads Signing contracts without lawyers And companies taking their land Taking advantage out in the hollows

Now you can't drink the water And you can't breathe the air You signed over your life Gave in to intimidating company warfare

When is the price too high? After it's too late to care?

Strong-armed and lied to Others tried to take a stand But imminent domain took away their land And the company did what they planned

The government calls it progress To take everything you worked your life for The company calls it a success And they set out to acquire more

Everything has a price You're input doesn't matter They'll sale off your life So their wallets will get fatter

Imminent domain should be illegal But you have no choice but leave anyway They have poisoned your air and water Destroying lives for profit is their game

The sun rises from behind the mountains But I still can't go outside Another day and I'll continue fighting I will not leave, I will not abide or subside

The price is just too high They'll have to drag me away I won't sacrifice my life So they can have a huge payday

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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