The Mahogany Desk

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And she sat down at her Mother's old Mahogany Desk.........

The Mahogany Desk

The Mahogany Desk By: Mike Mezz

Mary sat writing her first letter At her mother's new Mahogany desk Using an inkwell and a feather To her fiance it was addressed

Her marriage had to be delayed Since war broke out against the British In 1812 he marched off with his brigade They got married when the war finally hit it's finish

In 1861 a young woman named May sat at a desk It had belonged to Mary, who was her grandmother A lady who she had never met She cleared and removed all the clutter

Her brother and husband left together They marched off with the Union Army She reached for an inkwell and a feather Writing them both an urgent letter

Her mother had just passed from Scarlet Fever Her Father was killed earlier in a war out west She sat there alone and could not rest And May's tears fell onto the Mahogany Desk

After the safe return of her husband and brother A doctor declared that May was with child And she gave birth to a beautiful new daughter She now had a family and very beguiled

The years past quickly and May was a grandma To a young woman who everyone called Rosie Her husband a victim of the new military draft He got on a ship and traveled across the sea

The whole world was involved in a great war It seemed the planet was full of the dispossessed Rosie bought a new ballpoint pen from the store And she sat down at her mother's old Mahogany Desk

Her husband came home in early1918 He took several bullets but lived to tell the tale And Rosie gave birth to a healthy little baby A daughter that they named Melissa Gail

Then came The Spanish Flu late that year Her husband survived the war but not the pandemic Melissa Gail and Rosie continued to persevere More people died of the sickness and it was horrific

Rosie was young when she passed in early 1938 And Melissa Gail was married the following year She had a son and a daughter Cecil and Melody Then another world war showed up to interfere

Melissa Gail was a nurse but nowhere specific She had two children to care for, Cecil and Melody Her husband George was somewhere in the South Pacific She sat down at her Mom's old desk made from Mahogany

Cecil was drafted in another American conflict And Melody was married with a girl of her own Her husband Allen wasn't drafted but he volunteered Cecil was killed in Vietnam and shipped home

With the war over, Allen finally came back And met baby Abigail for the first time Melody had two other children Michael and Jack Allen was happy but war never left his mind

Abigail and Jack both had daughters Michael also had a little girl of his own Abigail had named her girl Lindsay Jack called his little child Joan

Michael's daughter went by Nicole The years flew by and the three girls grown They all surprised Lindsay on her 21st birthday She was on a laptop working on a college essay

I commented that Lindsay's room was a mess She laughed it off and said "I like it like this" She said "Grandma gave me this old Mahogany Desk" My niece was so proud of her birthday gift

I wrote many stories and colored on pages On my Mom's old desk from our grandma's basement Lindsay asked about a name carved under the top I looked underneath and was a name that time forgot

Lindsay said "I seen it there as plain as day" I answered "I know the name so I can explain" "Do you girls have time for a little story?" "The name on the desk is your great grandma and her name was Mary.........."

My Great Grandparents

This story is also for all Mother's and Grandmother's who carried on in times of adversity, happiness, fear and love. Without these strong women who are rarely etched in the history books, none of us would be here. The Mahogany Desk passed down for generations is a lasting reminder of their perseverance and place in history.❤️

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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