The Legend of Cat Island
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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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On Cat Island the kitties rule
Oh yes, this legend is true

The Legend of Cat Island

The Legend of Cat Island By: Mike Mezz For storyberries-fairy-tale

On Cat Island, the kitties rule Oh yes, this legend is true You can even visit this crazy land If you're ever come to place called Japan

Oh my, these cats love the Sun But we can't catch them Because all they do is run But they sure like having fun

Running wild in the tall grass Chasing butterflies they can't catch Meows ringing out when in the grasp Oh my, they sure can scratch!

They love to chase around mice Thousands of kitties roam the land They sure have an awesome life All kinds of felines, isn't it grand?

Oh my, the cats love the night Thousands of tiny voices In the foggy moonlight Can you imagine the noises?

Sure, they come when hungry And food is left for them outside They are just happy climbing trees And they still can't catch the fireflies

Oh my, cats in the morning They must've had a busy night Curious kitties out there exploring Just lying around now in broad daylight

Cat Island is such a magical place And when they purr together it' s divine It sounds like thunder without lightning Can you imagine living here all the time?

And that's The Legend of Cat Island Tomorrow the story for these kitties will begin again There's a different fable about Lions, but this isn't it So The Legend of Cat Island has reached the end

The End?

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

Thanks for reading --For my niece Lindsey--

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