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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Stories can live forever but........

Tell A Tale

Tell A Tale By: Mike Mezz

Look behind you when you walk away Don't disremember things from yesterday

The summer rain and the winter snow Don't forget those tales you were told

Hear a tale

Hear a tale Learn it well

Yesterday is gone but not forgotten

Live your dreams

Live your dreams Run and scream

Get every detail

Get every detail And tell the tale

Stories will live forever But only if you pass them on Tell them before they're gone

Go forward but don't turn your back Knowledge is the seeds you unpack

Remember what you have been told Just take it all in and never let it go

Tell a tale

Tell a tale Recite it well

Today is here and yesterday is gone

Keep your dreams

Keep your dreams Live and scheme

Recite them well

Recite them well And tell a tale

Stories live forever but only if you tell them

Look behind you when you walk away Don't forget things from yesterday

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