Storm of Fate

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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I didn't even know her name.. Take a look at this one....I promise it's okay...(Narrative Poetry)

Storm of Fate

Storm of Fate By: Mike Mezz (Narrative Poetry)

We were just two strangers Caught in the pouring rain Under the bus stop shelter Thunder louder than trains

The soggy streets were empty Small talk passing time away Electric streaks of lightning Illuminated her lovely face

Just a couple of tourists Stranger's caught in a gaze In a creepy skyscraper forest Not a single a familiar face

We talked for several hours Sitting in this confined space Oblivious to the weather We spoke about everything

We waited out a storm of fate The busses didn't run that late

We were caught under hypnosis While sunrise replaced the rain But that went unnoticed Until the sound of squeaking breaks

The doors of the bus opened As we shared a quick embrace I watched her get onboard I didn't even know her name

"Hey, wait....." But it was too late

I hailed a passing taxi Follow that bus was so cliche The driver hit the gas pedal What a crazy thing to say

We caught up very quickly The bus stopped on 9th and Main I tossed the the driver a fifty And boarded the bus without refrain

She waved me over to her I mumbled that "I must be insane" She smiled so very softly Through the bus I made my way

Wading through the riders I met the lovely stranger's gaze As if on the same wavelength In unison we both started to say.....

"By the way......

"By the way... "I forgot to get your name."

Copyright © 2021 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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