Society's Eyes

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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The whole world seems to look at us in disgust
Why do they want to destroy our lives?

Society's Eyes

Society's Eyes By: Mike Mezz

I know it seems like yesterday When we were so very young We'd always find a getaway Running around as we were one

Broke and just hanging on We never let that ruin the day A splash of gas and we were gone Making happy memories along the way

We didn't need money to be happy It was just you and me on the road What was important was our company Those fantastic stories only for us to know

How were we to know that love had rules? So we struggled on in an unaccepting world Our hearts didn't make us immune from ridicule We felt hate from society's eyes outside our door

Our families didn't understand They forbid us to be together Our future together stood at hand As we decided we loved each other

Our love is forever No matter the consequences Even through the stormy weather And in the face of hate and unacceptance

We had to hide to be together We had to lie but promised each other We would never waiver under the pressure Only if the powers that be let us flower

Our hearts will tell the story Of the adventures and evil eyes I thought it best not to worry We will stand side by side

Society might be against us We can't let that tear us apart Our families are another thing Not accepting us to follow our hearts

She whispered to me one night "I love you more than my own life" "Protect me from those people" "I don't understand why they want to fight"

I didn't know how to answer But I assured her everything will be alright I don't know why people spoke to us at such rantor How could loving someone create such strife?

We longed for our families to accept us She is black and I am white The whole world seems to look at us in disgust Why do they want to destroy our lives?

Stopping love is an unwinable task So we put the car back on the highway Even though expletives reigned between our families We took the money we had to run away

After a time we embraced being different We ignored those hateful lies Our love for each other made everything possible We no longer cared about society's eyes

"If those bigoted people don't find love" She often said "I feel sorry for them, it's true" "They hate so much they won't find it" I replied, "they love hate, but I love you"

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved

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