Rube Burrow's First Prayer

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Old West outlaw Rube Burrow was trapped in a general store with the law moving in. Rube looked up to the sky and said.......

Rube Burrow's First Prayer

Rube Burrow's First Prayer By: Mike Mezz

This Narrative Poem is based on actual events from the life of "outlaw" Reuben Houston Burrow who was born in Lamar Country, Alabama in 1855. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did working on it. Rube Burrow's First Prayer By : Mike Mezz

Everyone in Lamar County knew Rube Burrow was a troubled kid The sheriff had caught him stealing a lot chickens Before he reached the age of ten

Then one day his papa took a ten dollar bill And he tucked it in his hand He said "I can tell you're headed for trouble son" "And your mama wouldn't understand."

He took that money and stole his brothers old mount And he left without a word of thanks He fell in with a gang in some railroad town And took to robbing trains and banks

Outside the law your luck will run out fast And a few years came and went Untill he's trapped in a general store in Linden With all but four shells spent

Rube realized that praying was the only thing That he had never tried He wasn't sure he knew quite how But he looked up to the sky

"You don't owe me nothing and as far as I know, I don't owe nothing to you" "I ain't asking you for a miracle Lord, but just a little bit of luck will do"

"And you know I ain't never prayed before, but it always seemed to me" "If praying is the same as begging Lord, I don't take no charity."

"Right now Lord with my back to the wall," "I can't help but to recall" "That time they nearly hung me for stealing a horse in Fort Smith Arkansas"

"Judge Parker said guilty and the gavel came down just like a cannon shot" "I went away without a sound And I began to form a plot"

"Lord, I'm sure you recall when the deputy spoke" "And he said that you would be my only hope" "When I finally hit the end of Judge Parker's hangman's rope.'

"Well Lord, they sent ginger snaps down to my cell" "Hdden inside the bag was a gun and shells"

" The deputy could've kept on talking all year, but he turned his back on me" "I put my hidden pistol to that lawman's head and asked him for the key." "Lord, I locked him in that cell and didn't shoot that deputy"

"Well it ain't the first close call I ever had as I'm sure you already know" "I've had some help from you Oh Lord, but it's been strictly touch and go"

"But who in the hell am I talking to they ain't no one here but me" And then he cocked his pistols, adjusted his hat And he walked out into the street........

When Rube Burrow left the store in Linden, Alabama. He exchanged gunfire with Pinkerton Detective J.C Carter. Afterwards, Burrow was dead in the street and Carter was wounded.

Rube Burrow’s body was shipped by train back to Lamar County. It was reported that on a stop in Birmingham, thousands viewed the corpse and people snatched buttons from his coat, cut hair from his head, and even his boots were stolen.

Burrow's father Allen Burrow met the train in Sulligent. It was reported that the train attendants threw the coffin at his feet. "It is Rube," he reportedly said. Allen Burrow carried his son's body back to his home community near Vernon, Alabama and buried him in Fellowship Cemetery.

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