Mr. Grifter
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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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A swindler taking his last gasp..... WARNING: Some may find this controversial

Mr. Grifter

Mr. Grifter By: Mike Mezz

Can you see you whole life? Falling beneath your eyes Can you pay your life's wage? To be treated like a rat in a cage

Do you own or do you loan? The shelter that you call home Pay your bills, eat your meals While a narcissist bully continues to steal

If you don't own me, why do you try? To keep manipulating my mind? Mr. Grifter, we don't have the time We all know that justice is blind

You own a car to drive to far Working hard so you won't starve Pay for gas and drive too fast A swindler taking his last gasp

You pay the tax so just relax But we continue to get all the flack So just listen to me and you will see A known bigot playing make believe

Will you ever let us heal?

Mr. Grifter , just leave us alone? Everyone has already cast our votes Mr. Grifter, The White House isn't your home We're just so tired of your grandiose

So will the wounds ever heal? Now that the facist regime has been repealed A misogynistic lunatic in a fit of rage Someday soon Mr. Grifter will be in a cage

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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