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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Moments are so fleeting....

Memories Remain

Memories Remain By:Mike Mezz

Time just keeps slipping away The past don't seem that long ago I still think of you everyday It's something I will never let go

Good memories out weigh the bad They weren't all that bad anyway Knowing you made me so glad My fondness for you will never fade

Time has a way of changing things Knowing we took things for granted But those memories will always remain Especially when certain songs are played

There are places that remain the same And others have faded into time I know something that will not change Lasting thoughts of you in my mind

Standing up there on that stage The look of satisfaction in your eyes Countless hours on interstate highways 24 hour greasy spoons and dives

There are some things that aren't true Like that time will heal all wounds Acceptance is the only thing it will do They'll always be moments of Deja Vu

The pain of loss never goes away It only leaves a void in your heart Just an unfillable empty stage Nothing will ever occupy the missing part

Death is something we'll never outsmart That is an undeniable fact We can hold it off time and time again But it will always keep coming back

I've lost way too many people close to me But I know you'll be rockin' out in heaven Unforgettable moments are so fleeting Make the best of the time we're given

Copyright © 2021 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved) Rest in peace "Rusty" I know you're rockin' ' in heaven

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