Like A Ghost

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Why do I feel like I'm suffocating?
(Just something I wrote in a couple of minutes)

Like A Ghost

Like A Ghost By: Mike Mezz Starring Scarlett Johansson

There she is like a ghost Looking straight at me Has is really been this long? The years move so quickly

My heart is beating heavily She's the one that got away I dreamt of her helplessly Now I don't know what to say

Her red dress flutters so leisurely She's moving in slow motion I'm standing here very unsteadily Forgetting about the commotion

Her beauty is still breathtaking After all the years that have past Why do I feel like I'm suffocating? Maybe I've missed her that bad?

She's coming closer and smiling I raise my shaky hand and wave I know there's people everywhere But I can't hear a damn thing

I knew the day would come When I'd see her out on the town I had a whole speech planned out But I can't remember it now

Copyright © 2021 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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