I'm A Shadow

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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I hold the target switch in my hand.....

I'm A Shadow

I'm A Shadow By: Mike Mezz (A Narrative Poem)

Anything that happens now Is way beyond my control Emotion has abandoned me Faded away and left me cold

The call has been made I'm dependent on the atmosphere Contained inside this mask I wear My breathing is all I hear.......

I've got the target switch in hand I just feel numb, scanning the land Looking down at the hell that I'll make I'm above it all in this bomber plane

Flying high above their city walls Those on the ground don't know what's to come They can't escape when my bombs fall Nothing I do here can ever be undone

No one can see me sitting in my plane And when I decide to press execute I'll send these bombs on their way They will be in a Hell that I make

All those tortured and painful cries Will never fall upon my ears And will never haunt my elder years My heartbeat is all I can feel.....

My infrared tracks across the land I prepare as the weapons lock on No defense for them to make a stand I'll create a fiery Hell on my command

I'm above it all high in the clouds Moving past the speed of sound I won't see the bombs hit the ground No hiding from the Hell that'll rain down

I'm a shadow

Smoke bellows through the air as I fly I was told that they are my enemies It's the reason for killing them from the sky I'll never know about my foes casualties

Gazing down at the burning land A communication made me feel so bad What do mean the target was a mistake? What kind of Hell did you have me make?

What the hell did I make?

What the hell did I make? What I did, no one will ever know

Because I'm a shadow

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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