Granddaddy's Corn Cobs

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Don't ask what the corn cobs are for!

Granddaddy's Corn Cobs

My great grandaddy was a farmer He was set in his ways My great grandma said he was a charmer Always jealous of Edie May

He went on a date with Edie May Way back in 1908 He swore it was only one date But grandma brings it up each day

I remember asking grandaddy 'What's the barrel of corn cobs for?" That were sitting in the outhouse Stacked neatly on the floor

Never ask what those corn cobs are for!!!

I stayed with them for a summer Back when I was nine or ten A feather bed was where I slumbered Photos of ancestors scared me to death

They never smiled or seemed happy In the framed pictures around the bed I thought they were watching me As I laid down to rest my head

Dancing corn cobs haunted my dreams!!

Grandaddy smoked a homemade pipe With tobacco he grew from scratch Told stories of how his great grandaddy Crossed the ocean on a wooden craft

We rode his tractor across the hills Rounding up cattle and mended fences Grandma was in the barn getting milk Oh how I loved her buttermilk biscuits

I couldn't eat corn on the cob she fixed us

They never owned a television set No air conditioning could be found So I caught crawdad's in the creek My splashing was the only sound

I went back and can't hold it anymore It's been a few days and I have to go I stood up and walked out the door I'd better hurry and not move so slow

Don't ask me what the corn cobs were for!!!

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