Ghosts of Gettysburg

           Ghosts of Gettysburg narrative poetry stories

mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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157 years ago on July 1-3 The Battle of Gettysburg raged. Hundreds of thousands died and some soldiers still wander the battlefield.......

Ghosts of Gettysburg

Ghosts of Gettysburg By: Mike Mezz Some content may be disturbing

Ghosts of Gettysburg (A Narrative Poem) By,:Mike Mezz Actual eyewitness accounts These stories are true

After the great battle Back in July of 1863 The dead lay scattered All over Baltimore Street

The Ladies wore handkerchiefs To cover the smell of decay Scented with Peppermint fragrance And Vanilla pressed against their face

Phantom smells of Baltimore Street' They still remain today A walk through Gettysburg Always smells that way

At Gettysburg College Signs of battle all over the place A school to gain Knowledge That's not the only thing that remains

In Pennsylvania Hall Now known as the Old Dorm It has a tower standing tall Where Generals watched the war

Two students saw something shadowy Is someone trapped in the old tower? The figure gestured to them wildly One student called to it at this late hour

The yells and calls went unanswered But must have spooked the entity In seconds the ghost disappeared Campus security found the tower empty

In the basement of the Old Dorm A forgotten site of a field hospital Where the wounded were scored A place so horrific and despicable

Today it's just a storage room Blood covered walls replaced with lore Two college employees were off work They were on the fourth floor

The teachers leaving for the night Made their way to the elevator Pushing a button in the light Going down to the first level

Instead of going to it's destination The elevator passed the first floor Mysteriously stopped at the basement And the lift opened its doors

The storage room was not there An operating room stood before them Civil War doctors did their chores Amputated arms and legs scattered the floor

Surgeons and orderlies in bloody clothes All attending to the dying men Everything was in complete silence A Spectral Orderly looked at them

They were horrified and stunned Desperately trying to close the door Repeatedly pushing at the buttons The orderly seemed to ask for help

Thousands of soldiers lost their lives In the bloody Battle of Gettysburg Some wore blue and some wore gray Some still haunt Gettysburg to this day

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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