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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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It was a very chaotic situation.....(A silly Narrative Poem)

Cookout Chaos

Cookout Chaos By: Mike Mezz (Narrative Poem)

My cookout is over and I was inside cleaning When I went outside for a curious look There was a ruckus late that evening I couldn't believe what I was seeing

Standing there were four big raccoons Tearing through my garbage They waited until the cookout was through As I watched the sunset carnage

I was dismayed as one looked at me A scary grin made me laugh Then around the corner came my cats But they didn't intervene on my behalf

I have three cats to be exact All wondering "who are the new fellows?" Then a sneaky bear came from the back And my cat decided to attack

I sure wish I had a camera at this time As a possum family came onto the scene I don't know what they expected to find It's like a meeting about to convene

It was a very chaotic situation As my left overs were torn to tarnation Paper plates flying to the left and right No way to attempt any negotiation

Empty boxes being thrown out of sight I couldn't keep up with all the action This was going on in broad daylight The dogs were getting lots of satisfaction

I was tired and my belly was full So I just pulled up a patio chair The deer were also watching the drama unfold I caught a whiff of something foul in the air

As group of skunks meandered in I guess they wanted their fair share Several groundhogs left their den When was this cookout carnage going to end?

It's like National Geographic In my yard I'll have a huge mess to clean in the morning Watching a squirrel eating a burrito was bizarre Nothing around my farm is ever boring

All the critters had their fill and are leaving Another successful cookout is acknowledged Maybe I'm really asleep and only dreaming But when morning came I saw the carnage

Copyright © 2021 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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