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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Come back and help us now....

Come Back

Come Back By : Mike Mezz

Almost decision time in America As the politicians rehearse They're begging us for four more years While the hate is getting worse

We have soldiers overseas Guarding Saudi oil wells Just for cheaper gasoline American blood gets spilled

Come down John F. Kennedy Come back all the votes We need health care in this country We need to stop electing jokes

If you run into Gandhi Maybe he can help us out Come down Mr. Kennedy We need assistance now

We have millionaires making laws While we're struggling to get along Spending billions on politicial ads While saying others here don't belong

Mass shootings every single day Unrest on our streets Fascism spreading like wildfire While Washington DC sleeps

Come down Ole Abe Lincoln Come back to us now Help stop the hateful rhetoric Where the seeds of racism sprout

If you run into Jesus Maybe he can help us out Come back Mr. Lincoln We need assistance now

There's foxes in the hen house The cows are in the corn Union's have been busted up Their once proud banners torn

There's killers in our schools now A kid can't safely learn Police gunning down the innocent We watched Ferguson burn

Come down to us Malcolm X And Martin Luther King We're marching into Selma As the bells of freedom ring

If you run into Jesus Maybe he can help us out Come back Mr. King We need your help right now

Daunte Wright

Philando Castile

When is enough going to be enough? Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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