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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Find the new colors inside yourself

Colors Renew

Colors Renew By: Mike Mezz

The paint is starting to dry In the remodeling of my life I still need to add more colors But for now it's pretty nice

The old paint is getting covered But their is still plenty to do Aged indention's are in need of patching It will take me time to get through

I'm starting to see lots of progress I'm further along then what I knew I'm happy with the whole process For all the beautiful colors renew

Working with what I have on hand And things I've hidden upon a shelf Finding shades I didn't know I had Along with these new colors inside myself

You can't make anyone happy If your not happy with yourself Even though some colors aren't fancy It's worthwhile for me to share

Still alittle rough around the edges I know a strip of sand paper will tone It's alright, they show character instead So maybe I'll just leave them alone

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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