Cold Christmas Day

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Just a sappy little Christmas poem that I wrote in five minutes....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🤶🎅

Cold Christmas Day

Cold Christmas Day By: Mike Mezz

I come to you with empty arms This year hasn't been so great I guess that's the hardest part On this snowy Christmas Day

I don't even have a card to sign Or flowers in a bouquet I only hope that you'll be mine On this cold Christmas Day

There's so much I want to say But all the words just slip away I love you more than I can explain On this cold December day

If I had gifts to deliver to you I'd have Diamonds and gold That would the least I could do I only have hands you can hold

So please take my IOU I'll make it up to you someday Until then I hope my heart will do On this snowy Christmas Day

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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