C O U R A G E O U S Part Eight

             C O U R A G E O U S 

                        Part Eight narrative poetry stories

mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Part Eight.... Only one episode remains...The mountain will be underwater in a matter of hours as the survivors desperately scramble to get the last two rockets in the air. The saga continues....

C O U R A G E O U S Part Eight

C O U R A G E O U S BY: Mike Mezz Part Eight (a poetic narrative story)

Part Eight The Reckoning

"Are you ready, Simon?" "Cap, we're ready. You be careful down here" "We're good, old friend and see you on The Orion" "I'll see you up there"

"Captain, it's Tonya. Communications check," "I copy Tonya, initiating countdown" "Roger that, Simon's on the deck" "He hates leaving the ground,"

"I heard that, Cap" "Simon, just relax and enjoy the ride" "You don't have to worry about that" "Copy, it's Tonya's ship to fly"

"We're go for launch, in 5 4 3. 2 1

..... We've got ignition and liftoff"

"Captain, Tonya here" "Go ahead, Tonya" "Me, Simon and 35 others are clear" "Copy that,. Tomorrow, we'll see you there"

"Is this a good look for me, mister?" Bethany joked "You wear it better than me, alright," "Really? Do you think so?" "Yes, darling., Now, come over here and turn off the light"

"It's our last night on Earth, mister. What would you like to do?" "Take off that hat and I'll show you, honey" "Ohh, do I have to?" "Ahh, hell. Keep it on. It does look good on you"

Bethany and I sit holding each other in silence Watching our last ever sunrise on this planet It's hard to fathom that they ignored the science They stole everything the Earth had like a bandit

That's all in past now as the final hours approach "Beth, are you ready for the show?" She shook her head yes. "I wouldn't change anything about us. We sure got close" "Yes, we did honey. But we have to go"

"Go for launch" I said while pulling down the lever "Ignition initiated" "Liftoff...The Earth is now in the rearview forever"

"Orion do you copy, we......" (static)

"Simon, it exploded just after liftoff. Nobody survived" "No, that can't be...No" "I'm afraid so, baby. I'm sorry" "Tonya, just ..I just need to be alone"

"Damn it, Captain......." "Why? " "It's my fault. I let this happen." "37 lives and Captain....."

"Simon, open up. It's Billingsly" "Leave me be," "Open up, seriously" " What do you need " "It's about Cap, open up please"

"Simon, Captain and his wife wasn't on the ship" "What? They're alive?" "The final communication from the doomed craft, but yep," "Where's Tonya? We need to go get them. We don't have much time"

"Baby, they won't let us leave here, I tried" "So, they're ALL alive?" "No Simon, just Bethany and Cap. They wasn't room on the flight...." "Well, We have to try!" "There's no way out, We're locked behind......"

"WE'VE GOT TO GO GET THEM NOW!" Simon yelled "Baby, we can't. We're under quarantine" "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN, I'M GOING TO LEAVE!" "Baby, we can't......" "JUST WATCH ME!"

To Be Continued.........

Coming up on the final episode of Courageous...... Simon and Tonya hope for a miracle. Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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