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We signed up to fight, my brother and me
To fight with General Mac and the Arkansas Calvary........


Burn By: Mike Mezz (A Narrative Poem) Based on true events

We signed up in Little Rock My brother Lester and me To fight with James McIntosh And the Arkansas Cavalry

When I first saw the general I knew he was a fightin' man He was every inch a soldier Every word was his command

His eyes were cold as steel Mac lived for killing and war He took the lives of many And the souls of many more

He lead us to Missouri And we hardly stopped for rest He made this speech and said: "We're comin' to the test." "We've got to take Saint Louis before the Yankees do." "If we control the Mississippi. The Federals are through"

They told us that our enemy Would all be dressed in blue They forgot about the winter's cold And the cursed fever too

My brother died at Wilson's Creek Lord I seen him fall We fell back to the Boston Mountains In the north of Arkansas

We cursed the general's name Mourned the dead we left behind We had to carry the lame Mac don't care if we lived or died

I killed a boy the other night Who had never even shaved I don't know what I'm fightin' for I ain't never owned a slave

So I snuck out of camp And rode away from there Hid in a barn with lantern light The farmer said he didn't care

The farmer rounded up cattle Then he told me the news the next night The Yankees won the battle And McIntosh lost his life

I hope you're burning James Mac I''ve cursed you more Than any other man on Earth

And I'll never mourn I hope you're where you deserve to be In the Devil's Cavalry

General James McQueen McIntosh was a Confederate general and was a ruthless leader who would leave his own soldiers to die on the field of battle. He was killed at Battle of Pea Ridge on March 7, 1862.

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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