A Winding Road

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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You'll always find a path home.

A Winding Road

A Winding Road By: Mike Mezz

I'm Looking for a direction Wishing I had a map I'm hunting for an intersection I don't know where I'm at

Focusing on the future Forgetting about the past Wishing the drive was smoother The traffic is moving too fast

Life is a winding road Sometimes you'll get lost But manage find a path home Maybe find a new bridge to cross

My eyes are getting heavy It seems I haven't arrived yet Hands are very unsteady And the pavement is wet

Guessing at which direction No GPS or detailed map Rear-view shows reflections Of the things from my past

Life is a winding road There's no signs showing the way It seems I have further to go Just shake off this disarray

I must continue going forward Without any cruise control My headlights shine onward I'm now on this highway alone

My mind is getting weary But I must keep moving Lights are fuzzy and blurry Every mile is hypnotizing

Life is just a winding road Don't miss what's in front of you Just take it easy and drive slow Make time to enjoy the view

Copyright © 2020 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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