A Malicious Game

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mike_mezz Writer, historian and musician
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Stars can't be seen with naked eyes....

A Malicious Game

A Malicious Game By: Mike Mezz

Imagine a fence stretching the river's length Signs posted no trespassing or fishing Hands on chain link watching the current Toxins all around continue the killing

They contaminated our water Just to make can make a dollar

Oily soot flowing on the water top All the trees and wildlife are dying out Migrating birds have long since stopped All the damage continues to mount

Nothing alive on the shore A dead river for evermore

Irreversible damage has been done It's time to change this ordeal Must we destroy until everything is gone? I don't know if we'll ever heal

I remember staying up until dawn Counting fireflies when we were young They have flickered their last song Mass extinctions have now begun

Pollution replaces twinkling skies Stars can't be seen with naked eyes

A smoggy haze blocks out the sun This contamination we can't outrun Nothing to stop the poison from our Lungs The taste of foul air upon our tongues

They must stop this malicious game We will all die if things don't change

It's time to halt this insane ordeal Irreversible damage has been done I don't know if we can even heal We must try before everything is gone

Copyright © 2021 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)

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