Best Mr. Crocker quotes from Fairly OddParents
Best Mr. Crocker quotes from Fairly OddParents fairly oddparents stories

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Best Mr. Crocker quotes from Fairly OddParents

"Good news children, the F's are in! Mmmm, smell those hot, fresh F's!"

Excuse me while I hit my head while changing all of Turner's F's to A. OW! A! OW! A! OW! A!"

(to Jimmy Neutron) Another reality avoidance costume, eh Turner? Very well. Since you're clearly Timmy Turner, here's your daily F!!" Jimmy: "AHHHHH!! An F!! IT BURNS, Auggggh!!"

[Principal Waxelplax has locked everyone inside the classroom] "No! I can't be locked in a room with children! I'm not a people person! I'm barely a person! HELP!"

"It's an F-a-palooza! All you can eat F's!"

"There's only one explanation: Turner must have ignored Tootie's multiple birthday invitations, thus ruining her birthday. Feeling guilty, he impulsively loans her his FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

"Is it a D? Is it an E? No! It's Super F!!!"

"High marks for the Death-to-Turner motif." (Season 5 episode 5, You Doo)

"Computer : Uploading proof of fairies. One percent. Denzel Crocker : YAY! Computer : Zero percent. Denzel Crocker : Boo! Curse this obsolete one month old technology! Computer : Negative one percent."

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