Best Cosmo quotes from Fairly OddParents
Best Cosmo quotes from Fairly OddParents cosmo stories

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Best Cosmo quotes from Fairly OddParents

"Aaah! That book is terrifying, there are words in it!"

"There's still enough pretty color left for one of us to slide down the magical rainbow bridge! Wow! There wasn't a single manly word in that sentence!"

Dry, stupid paint, DRY! (kicks wall, which collapses on him)

*trying to put square peg in round hole* "CURSE you, round hole!!!"

"I hated being a robot. I had no free will, I had to follow orders all the time, it was like being married all over again!! Except with more toast."

*Using Wanda voodoo doll* "Let's do the nag! You nag it to the left! You nag to the right! Come on everybody let's Nag tonight! I'm a livin' doll!"

Wanda: I've made reservations at Chez Fairee, the best restaurant in Fairy World. Cosmo: Ohhh, then I'd better learn how to use the soup spoon properly! (hits himself with it) Ow ow ow!

Cosmo: We're dining in the bathroom? Then I'd better learn how to use toilet paper. (again hits himself with it) Ow ow ow! Wanda: Well a nice quiet dinner with my man does sound kind of nice. Cosmo: Man? What man? Does your man know how to use toilet paper like me? (hits himself in the face with the toilet paper again) Ow ow ow!

Timmy (to wanda): I wish you would stop worrying and enjoy your dinner with...A CONGA LINE! Wanda: *poofs up conga line* Wanda: Well, this is nice...*giggles* ahaha Cosmo: I KNEW IT! It's a whole CONGA LINE of men!

"Save Vicky?! Timmy would never say that! What year is this and what kind of twisted future are we in?!!!"

"Yay, rabies!" "Don't forget the rabies! Everything tastes better with rabies!"

"I hate change! That's why I only change my underwear every 3,000 years."

Wanda: Isn't this great, Cosmo? After all these years, they finally ended up together! Cosmo: I give 'em two weeks, tops!

Timmy: "Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Cosmo: "Hey, it's okay. You had a good life, right?" Timmy: "I'm only 10!" Cosmo "I said good, not long."

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